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Earn $137 - $163.50* commission
while helping others pursue their dream career!

As an affiliate of The Complete Event Planner Toolkit, all you have to do is refer people to my website; and if they purchase the course, then you make a 50% commission on their purchase.  This works out to be $136.86 or up to $163.50, depending on which payment plan the customer signs up for.

Simply market the course on your website, blog, or emails, insert your Clickbank affiliate link, and watch the commissions roll in! 

The Complete Event Planner Toolkit is one of the highest paying products availalble in the Clickbank Marketplace!

High Paying

With a 50% commission on a product that sells for $297, this is one of the highest-paying products available on Clickbank.  Your commission will be $136.86; unless the customer chooses the monthly payment plan.  In this case, you will make $27.25 per month for six months, for a total of $163.50.

I, personally, have made approximately $40,000 off this course each year for the last two years (and that is only working part-time on it, without any online marketing knowledge).  Of course, this is based upon selling it at the full price (not the commission rate), but I also am not gifted in marketing or selling (and don't have the time to do it right); and that's where you come in!  

My main job is still event planning, and I just don't have the time or the knowledge to market this product.  If you have any kind of relevant list or marketing know-how, you could do very well with this product!   

High Converting

The market for the Complete Event Planner Toolkit is a bit more targeted than many other products, but the conversion rate for this market is incredibly high.  Why?  Because there isn't another product like it for people who want to become event planners.  Every other course teaches about party planning and wedding planning; this is the only course that teaches about special events and corporate event planning!

It's So Easy....

* It's an easy sell, to those who are interesting in a career in event planning.  This is (by far) the most affordable course out there; my next biggest "competitor" charges $1800 for their online course.  Additionally, their course teaches all about planning parties (kids birthday parties, etc) and weddings; anyone who wants to start a real career as an event planner needs to learn about special events and corporate events.  This is the only course that teaches that material!  

* My refund rate is extremely low; approximately .01%.

* I only use Clickbank, which is the most reputable and reliable affiliate paying program.  

* You get credit as long as the customer buys within 90 days of first visiting the site.  

* You can feel good about the fact that you are helping someone achieve their dream career.  My customers love the course, and it has proven to be effective.  I have many testimonials written by customers of the program who landed jobs because of what they learned in the course (to see a few testimonials, check out the home page).  This program helps people improve their lives by beginning a career that they truly love and enjoy!  

Get Started Now!

All you need to get started is a Clickbank ID.  It's easy, free, and only takes less than a minute to sign up; click here to sign up as an Affiliate with Clickbank.  

Once you have a Clickbank ID, simply send your traffic to:

Replace "YOURID" with your Clickbank ID name, and you'll get 50% of every sale you make.  It really is that easy!  

Promotional Materials/Resources

Don't know anything about event planning?  That's ok, I will give you everything you need to know in order to accurately and effectively promote this product, including:

* Product Images

* Banner Ads

* Email scripts for three emails

* Testimonials

* A list of Frequently Asked Questions

I know the key phrases that my market wants to hear; so I will help you promote the product.  All you need is to get the word out to your lists.  

Click here to go to the Affiliate Resources page to download your free promotional material to use in your marketing.

Warning!  Anti-Spam Policy

I have spent nearly five years creating this high-quality product and creating a reputable, honest name for myself.  I will not tolerate any spamming or affiliates who promote this product using unethical or illegal techniques; and I keep a close eye on all of my affiliates and your practices.  Additionally, Clickbank may terminate your affiliate account if I find that you are engaging in techniques or practices that violate this agreement; and you will be banned from selling this product any longer.    

Contact Me

If you have any questions about the Affiliate program or how to promote this product, please feel free to contact me!  

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