The Complete Event Planner Toolkit:

A Step-by-Step Guide Success in Event Planning

Course Overview

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The Event Planner Toolkit is a video course that is hosted completely online.  This allows instant access, keeps costs down, and allows you to progress on your own schedule.  

The course is designed to take at your own pace, on your own time, and is accessible as soon as you purchase the course (if you choose to go with the payment plan, however, you will not have full access to all modules immediately; you will be allowed more access each month with each subsequent payment).  

The course consists of downloadable documents and video modules.  The videos are PowerPoint presentations with me talking you through and explaining the topic.  These are not exactly entertaining, high-action adventure videos; I can promise you that!  However, I can also promise you that I pack more information into each module than most courses cover in their entire course.  




This online event planning course is divided into four sections:

  • Step One: An Introduction
    • This PDF outlines some of the basic foundational knowledge about the event planning industry.  It's a relatively quick read, but covers some of the basics before moving forward.  
  • Step Two: Event Planning Starter Kit
    • This section is made up of four modules, or videos.  The purpose of this section is to lay the foundation for you to start looking for work, understanding the industry and where you might find work, learning the basic lingo, and learning what it takes to make your resume and cover letter appeal to those in the event planning industry.  
    • I also include the free bonus, Event Planning Resumes and Beyond ebBook, in this section, in addition to other downloadable documents to supplement your learning.  
  • Step Three: Event Planner Course
    • This section contains the real "guts" of the course; this is where you learn, through ten modules, exactly how to plan events.  Again, the videos are PowerPoint presentations with downloadable supplemental documents for you to print, save, and keep for future use.  
  • Step Four: Final Certificate of Completion Test
    • This online test will test your understanding of what you've learned throughout the videos.  Upon passing the test with a grade of 70% or more, I will send you your Certificate of Completion in the mail.  

Course Outline


Below is a more detailed outline of what each section of the course covers:

Step One: An Introduction

  • This PDF document lays out the foundation of event planning, to make sure you understand the basics before moving forward.

Step Two: Starter Kit

This section gives you the information you need to start looking for jobs.

  • Module One ~ Where to Find Work: Understanding the industry, the six roles or positions you might find work as a planner, the hierarchy of relationships on most events, and basic lingo to get you started.
  • Module Two ~ Pricing Your Services: Easily one of the most requested topics from my readers!  I cover the six main ways in which you might charge for your services as a planner, the pros and cons of each, and what industry standards are.  Even if you plan to get hired as an employee, this module is imperative because you have to understand how planning companies charge their clients.  
  • Module Three ~ Professional Preparedness: In this module I talk about the many ways to present yourself professionallly, from your resume and cover letter to your email, business cards, and interview.  
  • Module Four ~ Planner Predicaments:  In this module I talk about the most common mistakes planners make; in addition to troubleshooting tips, and examples of nightmare situations that I've found myself in at my events!  

Step Three: Event Planner Course

  • Module One ~  The First Steps
    • Establishing what type of event you're planning and your relationship with the client
    • What are RFPs, and when you need them
    • Creating a preliminary budget 
    • Narrowing down venue choices 
    • Site inspection
  • Module Two ~ Contracts
    • The types of contracts you'll need
    • Basic elements to any contract
    • Sample contracts for nearly every vendor or situation
  • Module Three ~ Registration
    • Recommended Registration Software
    • What to include in registration
    • Managing registration on-site
  • Module Four ~ Hotels & Venues
    • When you need a hotel, when you need a venue
    • What to look for in hotels and venues
    • How to negotiate contracts with hotels and venues
    • How to work with hotels, for both guest rooms and event space
  • Module Five ~ Event & Meeting Space
    • Understanding the importance of "flow" 
    • Sample room diagrams of good or bad flow
    • Types of set-up options
    • Understanding the basics of Audio Visual
    • Understanding venue planner kits, room diagrams, planning out your space, and capacity charts
  • Module Six ~ Food & Beverage
    • Understanding the basics of F&B in all events
    • Set-up options and working with space
    • Selecting menus and working with BEOs
    • Working with special dietary concerns
    • Integrating decor and entertainment with F&B
  • Module Seven ~ Decor
    • Understanding decor terminology
    • Different elements to use as decor
    • Maximizing decor elements with minimal budgets
    • Creative options
    • Resources for inspiration
  • Module Eight ~ Working with Vendors, Entertainment and VIPs 
    • How to choose vendors, and how to schedule and organize vendors
    • How to choose talent for your event, where to find them
    • Special considerations when working with celebrities
    • How to work with VIPs and why they are important to you
  • Module Nine ~ Transportation
    • When and how to move groups of people
    • Types of "equipment" when working with transportation
  • Module Ten: The Logistics of Being a Planner
    • Billing & budgeting
    • How (and why) to hire on-site staff, how to manage them
    • Balancing life and work


As you can see, if you compare this with the outlines of other courses, no other course out there teaches you the real-life information you need to truly start a career in event planning.  

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